Different Types of Partition wall systems

Glass partitions play an important role in any building, whether they are installed within it or outdoors. They give a sense of having a wall, creates a sense of space and provides some amount of privacy, but of course, not the kind of privacy like brick or plasterboard walls. Glass partitions are non-weight bearing walls, with metal track and glass parts. Toughened glass is normally used for glass partitions because they are strong, sturdy and durable. Even when the glass happens to break, it wouldn’t get broken into shards of glasses with sharp edges, but rather smaller pieces that wouldn’t cut skin.

Glass partition walls for offices come in so many different styles, framework and decor, and depending on the purpose they serve, can be installed in homes, offices, as bathroom separators, shower doors and so on. If you are looking to create a sense of aesthetics and style to your home or office environment, go for the glass partitions.

Office Glass Partition Walls

If you are planning to have glass partition walls for offices, then you will be thrilled to note that there are so many different designs in glass installations that the offices do not have to look boring or boxed in like in the past. You can have enticing designs that can showcase your brand, even have patterned glass or decorative glass with your logo attached to them. Giving them a safe and attractive environment makes the employees work hard and happy.

You can opt for any design and style depending on the aesthetic and operational parameters that you need for the office. This way, you can see all your employees working at their desk, improve their productivity, and still give them the privacy and quiet environment they need for better working capabilities.

In some office spaces, you can see lacquered glass where there will be high quality paint on glass. With this, you can actually give your employee some amount of privacy, but their cubicle will still be separated by glass.

If you want to create an office environment with excellent acoustic performance, then we can help you create great partitions with interior glazing and engineering. For more sophisticated office environments, you can have freestanding wall partitions, movable walls, modular walls or high walls.

Why to choose us for Glass partition services

We are Oman’s leading glass installation specialists and you can speak to us for all kinds of glass installation projects. We follow the latest innovations in glass partition installations so they will be trendy, safe, flexible and durable. With years of experience, both individual and combined, we are proud of our long-standing relationships built on technical brilliance, flexibility and service. Whether it is a new installation or to replace an existing system that needs updates, we have a range of partitioning solutions that can be suited for your building and purpose. Call us today to know how we can transform the look and feel of your office or home with the right kind of glass installations.

Applications and advantage of glass partition

Glass partitions are a common sight in commercial establishments, educational institutions and offices. They enclose areas that need to be separated, but without cutting out the light or line of sight. You can have employees working in their own space, but they will always be visible. And there is sufficient sound insulation so each employee can work without outside noises disturbing them. The glass partitions come in so many different styles and designs that you can always blend them well with the style of construction in your building, and make them a special design feature.

Another advantage with glass partitions is that they are flexible, meaning they can be created in modular fashions using single glass panels, and with this you can configure the partitions in any way you want.

Additionally, glass partition walls for offices are cheaper than other building partitions, and hence the most commonly used one in offices. 

Glass cubicle for Bathroom

Looking to install a glass cubicle for bathroom? That’s a good idea because not only will it make your bathrooms aesthetically beautiful, but it will also give you the most relaxing bathing experience ever. Of course, you can always install shower curtains, but that could be a messy and not so aesthetically appealing addition. And it would do nothing to prevent the water from spilling out. With a proper glass cubicle , the water will not spill out and keep the bathroom clean and dry.

With the right shower partition, you can keep the bathroom clean and hygienic at all times, and not worry about moistness or wetness whenever you enter the bathrooms. The glass cubicle for bathroom is so tight that the water will not seep through through any crevice. And the glass walls can make your bathroom appear spacious. Additionally, you can fit the partitions with handles to prevent slippage. If there are elderly people living with you, this would be the best option ever.

How Sunrise do supply and fixing of Glass partitions

When you have a glass partition and installation project or want to install glass partition walls for offices, just get in touch with us. We have a team of experts and skilled craftsmen including project managers, glass works experts and architects. We will assess the property and the building, to check on the lighting, sounds and other aspects and based on the plan we will draft and later seek your final approval, the glass installations will be made.

We will use only the highest quality glass for the installation projects and they are strong, durable, flexible and can withstand pressure, heat and moisture. The project manager will be on site monitoring the installation project from the start to finish, so you can be assured of a thorough professional job, precision oriented, perfect and detailed.