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We are the leading glass fabricator in Oman providing high quality glass fabrication products with a variety of designs and shades that are the most pleasing to our eyes.

About Sunrise Technical Glass LLC. How do we work?

Led by talented visionary Mr. Satyan, Sunrise Technical Glass LLC is an Oman glass company that focuses on creating innovative, multi-functional glass partitions and installations through sleek, aesthetic designs and cutting-edge styles. We supply glass for all purposes, and design them in such a manner that they add elegance and style to your building. When you need high quality tempered glass for your home or business, Sunrise Technical Glass has the right team and people for it. When it comes to glass, you have to go for the highest quality because safety is the highest priority.

Quality is very important in glass screens and they must be correctly installed to enjoy their full usage.

What makes us the best glass company in Oman

Our glass factory in Oman follows the rules of ethics, value, integrity and honesty while doing business, and each project will be undertaken with the highest levels of creativity and diligence. Once you call us, we will reach your place after fixing an appointment and make an assessment of the kind of glass work that can be done there. We will take the fittings, prepare the glass according to the measurements and fit them. We are the best glass company because we use only highquality materials so the glass will be strong, durable and look aesthetic. You can trust us to do the best job ever.

Our Expert Team & Features of our company

Our glass company in Oman has excellent teams of talented craftsmen who can design a comprehensive range of glass works and includes services like bevelling, polishing, drilling, tempering, double glazing and designing. They embrace all projects involved in the glass partition placement and installation and follow international standards to ensure the quality.

We undertake all kinds of projects with equal caution and exercise the highest levels of precision and skill to make it the best project ever. Our services and industrial knowledge is applied for both big and small projects, and each project will be headed by project managers and experienced fitting teams. We will ensure that the glass installation work happens on time, with the highest quality standards, and it will be done within your budget and on time.

Processes involved from planning to aftersales

With glass installations and partitions, you can quickly and efficiently divide any available space into different zones and make it a comfortable environment for various purposes. You can consult with us to know the kind of installation that would be suitable for your home. We will make the measurements of the walls and the ground and based on this, will suggest the correct glass wall partition while keeping in mind the aesthetics of the rooms. The installation process is done by expert professionals and they have been doing this for years with precision, safety and quality. While the glass is installed, we will hang the different components according to the decorative design that you need and make the partitions aesthetically pleasing and blend with the architectural style and structure of the building.

Some Outlined Projects

As a trusted Oman glass company, we have completed hundreds of projects and have left behind a huge and growing trail of thousands of customers. We make glass installations for houses, villas, apartments, commercial and industrial centres, shops and anywhere you need glass installations done. This could be balconies, staircases, shower stalls, living room halls, dining rooms, offices, etc.

What our clients say,

As we mentioned earlier, we already have a huge and growing portfolio of projects and hundreds of happy customers, and they would gladly share their experience of enlisting our services. They have been happy with the quality of materials that we delivered and the promptness of services rendered. Our friendly and very co-operative team constantly communicates with the customers to know their exact requirement during each step of the project. Our services come highly recommended, and you can check with our customers to look at their reviews of our work. We are easy to deal with, maintain time and ensure that the glass installations are perfect with the right sound insulation, protection, safety and noise reduction. We will be to efficiently utilise the minimal space in your office into a full-fledged utilitarian office set up.

The Team

We are well equipped with an extremely talented team of workers and industrial experts to serve you the best services ever

Our Work Says It All