What is tempered or toughened glass?

When it comes to installing glass for offices, commercial establishments and properties, it is important to which kind of glass is to be installed. If you are looking for toughened glass suppliers near me, Sunrise Technical Glass LLC is the best people to get the project done.

Tempered or toughened glass installations are the best options for making partitions within buildings. Tempered glass and toughened glass are one and the same and they serve the same purpose.

Tempered glass is about six times stronger than untreated, ordinary glass and hence they are extremely strong, durable and can withstand pressure. Since they have gone through controlled thermal or chemical treatments, they can withstand certain amounts of stress and when or if they get broken due to some outside force. And even when they do get broken, the glass pieces wouldn’t crumble into splintering, large glass pieces  instead of splintering, jagged shards. 

Applications of tempered or toughened glass

You can install tempered glass or toughened glass in homes, offices and even in big commercial centres and educational centres since they have so many advantages over ordinary glass. An ideal choice if you have a restaurant, bakery or hotel where there is a lot of extreme heat around. And since they are strong and durable, they can be used in reception areas, lounges, as shower doors, and so on. The tempered glass door supplier can also supply glass for other purposes also – mobile phone screen protectors, plates, cookware, diving masks, vehicle windows, aquariums. You can thus use them in a number of different applications where you need strong tempered glass.

How Sunrise serves the needs of our clients?

If you are interested in installing tempered glass on your doors, balconies, you can call us because, as a trusted tempered glass door supplier, we are the right people for it. We have experience in installing various kinds of glass partitions, and providing tempered glass for various industries for multiple purposes. Our glass installations are the best in the market, thanks to the innovative styles and designs that are incorporated with it. We have decorative glasses manufactured and engineered to perfection, built with the latest innovative techniques in mind.  When you have a project to discuss with us, we will come with a team of designers, architects and project managers to go over your property, study the lighting conditions, the areas where the glass has to be installed and what design and styles can be incorporated. We can also make suggestions on the best scenario for your property, and how you can increase the value of your property with amazing styles in the glass installation works.

Why to choose Sunrise as the best for tempered glass

As a reputed tempered glass supplier, Sunrise has the best team to fulfil your dream project. We have talented designers, skilled architects and experienced project managers who have already worked on a number of projects, and hence can make your project unique, utilitarian, practical and of course, the best in the area.

Our glasses are of the highest quality and are tempered to perfection, coming in various sizes, based on what the project is. They are scratch-free, weather-resistant, aesthetically stunning and stay waterproof and strong for several years. Our team will also provide you with maintenance tips that would make your glass look fresh, strong and attractive for years on end. When you choose Sunrise for your glass installation needs, you will have nothing to worry, because the whole project will be carried out professionally, and we will keep you updated each step of the way, and apprise you on how the installation is going.