Sunrise as the best glass suppliers in Oman

When you are in search for laminated glass suppliers near me, look no further than Sunrise Technical Glass because we have the reputation of producing the highest quality glass serving multiple needs. Our glass installations are done with caution and precaution, and we have a very reliable and dedicated supply chain team to ensure the glass for the installations are transported diligently.

What is laminated glass? Features of Laminated glass

If you are planning to install laminated glass, it would be a great option compared to ordinary glass because of the strength, durability, heat resistance and quality that they come with. Since laminated glass is made of two piles of glass bonded together, they have interlayers that make them really strong and uniform.  This is called annealed or heat-treated and the adhesive quality will remain strong when the glass piles are broken.

The features of laminated glass makes them one of the highly demanded products in glass installation works, and we take care to make our glass the best in the market, with the highest quality and durability possible. Laminated glass features:

  • Moisture-resistant
  • Heat-resistant
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Is safe, even when broken
  • Break-in prevention
  • Anti-shock capabilities

As the best glass suppliers in oman, we have moved with the trend and have advised our clients on incorporating their buildings with laminated glass because apart from the heat resistance and moisture-resistance features they can also prevent break-in, providing additional protection for buildings and with anti-shocking capabilities, the glass will remain stable and unbroken even when pressure is applied.

Applications and Advantages of laminated glass

If you are in the market looking for glass suppliers in Oman, then Sunrise Technical Glass is the right place. We deal in all kinds of glass works, including glass partitions for homes, offices, commercial establishments, educational institutions, etc., glass cubicles, shower doors, balustrades, balconies, staircases and in all areas where you want glass to be installed, both for decoration and for utilitarian purposes.

They can be installed on high-rise buildings, partitions in stores, jewellery shops and banks where huge glass doors are installed.

Why choose us or what makes us unique from others?

Search for Sunrise Technical Glass, and you will see that we are one of the best laminated glass suppliers near me, and have been producing the highest quality stuff for years.  We are thoroughly equipped to provide the kind of glass work that you need for your building, and hence can provide glass installation for both indoor or outdoor needs. We deal in toughened glass and laminated glass so they are strong, are built according to the highest standards and are heat, wind and blow-resistant.

Laminated glass is thermally safe, and can resist high temperature without breakage. Sunrise manufactured glass will be correctly installed by our experts and they can handle great levels of stress and impact without any breakage or crack. If you want to have interlayers on the glass to make the glass sound-proof we can do that as well.

Call us when you need laminated glass suppliers near me. We will advise you on how we can visually transform the beauty of your home into impressive works of art through beautiful glass installations or in shopping malls or commercial establishments where laminated glass do play a more solid role than merely for beauty and protection.

Our Vision

We have started business with the aim of offering quality products with variety of designs
and in different shades that are most beautifully crafted.
We are well equipped with an extremely talented team of workers and industrial experts
who help us to serve our esteemed clients in a better way by understanding their needs
and making us able to supply them the desired product.

Our Mission

We,Sunrise Technical Glass L.L.C serving Oman market with all types
of works on glass like beveling, polishing, drilling, tempering,
double glazing and design. We also undertake the shopfront, office partition,
structural /spider glazing, ACP cladding and shower cubical including installation.
Our main concern will be on the quality of product that will deliver to our clients.
We are procuring raw materials from well known companies, who are maintaining international standards.
We are managed by the team experts under the guidance of Mr. Sathyan,
who is having a lot of experience in this field and local market. Our team
includes professionals from different areas like engineering, designing, production, sales and marketing.
We are providing the best quality products and service so that the company has gained
the trust and appreciation of customers. We uphold the “customer first, quality first” business aim
and the mutually beneficial co-operation and development principle wholeheartedly provide
quality services. Customers satisfaction is the highest honor of our company.