Specialities of glass works from Sunrise

Driven by values of quality and innovation, we are reliable glass partition and decorative glass installation experts with years of experience in installing for various buildings. We use precision engineered glasses and work to the strictest tolerance. Once installed, they will serve their purpose and look beautiful in your surroundings. Apart from installation, we can also repair, supply and replace the glass and delivery after installation services, including double glazed decorative panels and decorative laminate glass.

We install decorative glass that adds style, privacy, natural light and of course aesthetics to your room. The decorative glass can be installed practically anywhere depending on their suitability and purpose. With the correct installation, you can enjoy added aesthetics to the rooms with excellent levels of security, structural benefits and acoustic features, making the partitioned areas more useful for different practical purposes.

Different types of glass works

If you are looking to install a glass partition or installation at your house, then you can have a quick review of the different types of glass works that we offer. In case you are confused as to which would be best suitable for your building. We are experts in glass partition installers. We will guide you on the most suitable glass partition system for your business, and have our glazing specialists guide you through this. Check out the different types that we provide:

  • Stained glass effect windows
  • Windows and arcade glazing
  • Glass doors and framed doors
  • Fixed and sliding partitions
  • Interior commercial decorative glass
  • Exterior residential glazing
  • Exterior commercial glazing

Applications of Glass Works

The glass works are magnificent pieces of art that can be placed anywhere where you need elegance, style and functionality. Hence the glass partitions can be placed anywhere for a number of purposes. The level of thickness, the size of the frame, the quality of glass, and design are all crucial factors. And the glass installations have numerous applications based on these factors – shower room, on the staircase, balustrades, balconies, for dividing big offices into cubicles, lounge, reception areas,  and in so many other places where decorative glass installation can add glitz and glamour to your building. Depending on the purpose and placement of glass installation you can have the following glass types:

  • Clear glass
  • Toughened glass
  • Tinted Glass
  • Reflective Glass
  • Acoustic Glass
  • Laminated Glass
  • Textured Glass
  • Stained Glass
  • Bevelled Glass

Design Trends in Glass works

If you are planning to install glass doors and glass partitions, then you have to come to the right place for research. We are the right people because our team of designers and project managers incorporate custom designs based on the latest design trends. The highlight of the glass partitions are features that incorporate energy efficiency, smart technology and sustainability. We can plan any design that would be suitable to your building style, so they will blend in smoothly, and still have a mark of style of their own. Our team of designers will discuss the design and style and work with you until you are satisfied and only then begin our work.

Why to choose Sunrise for glass works

Sunrise is a well-reputed and well-established glass works company with quite a strong reputation for quality, elegance and style. We provide high quality glass installation works for a variety of applications and we have quite an impressive portfolio of works done so far. We provide only the finest quality glass for all our works and you can be assured that we follow all the norms and building regulations while making the installations.

What makes us unique from other glass works companies

Our work is recognised throughout Oman as a reputed, trustworthy and trusted company, and we leave no stone unturned to make our customers dreams possible. We have an incredible team who are aware of the latest styles and designs in glass installations and are ready to be flexible to accommodate customer’s special interests and demands and still provide stylish works of art.

We make the glass partitions from the highest quality glass, and our team works without sacrificing floor space, and by making the best use of the light diffusion techniques, we create comfortable, practical solutions for rooms. Our installations are sleek and modern with cutting edge designs and styles.