What are Safety Glass?

Safety glass is a special kind of glass that has been toughened or laminated, and they come with additional safety features that will prevent them from breaking apart at slight pressure. It is not easy to break them because they are specially designed to withstand large amounts of pressure, including heavy beating, bulges or breaks. Even if they do get broken, they will break into tiny harmless fragments and not like the rough jagged edged pieces like in the past. And it is also important to buy the glass from reliable and trustworthy safety glass suppliers like Sunrise to ensure quality.

Importance of safety glass

Safety glass can easily survive impacts, including earthquakes, impact of objects, wind, heat resistance and offers excellent strength against deflection. There are various types of safety glass and their installation will of course be dependent on their applications. The toughened glass or tempered glass does not break so easily, and even if they do, they will break harmlessly. You will see this kind of glass on many large storefront windows. They cannot be cut, drilled or edged, hence offering protection against break-in and theft. For added benefit and safety, you can add a welded wire net into the molten glass before it enters the rollers. This will make the glass hold within the mesh even if there happens to be a breakage. However, please note that it does not add extra strength to the glass.

Different types of safety glass

The safety glass suppliers in Muscat would be able to provide you with different types of safety glass. Let’s check out some of the common varieties of glasses people install in their commercial and residential spaces.

  • Tempered/ toughened glass – Tempered/ toughened glass is in great demand by customers because they are really safe and strong. They are processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments and are hence force and impact resistant. They are perfect as storefront windows and doors, and in huge residential and apartment complexes.
  • Double glazed – Double glazed glass plays an important role in keeping the temperature inside the room regulated, and hence in energy efficiency, thereby reducing utility bills. The double glazing also acts as a sound barrier.
  • Laminated – In Laminated  glass, two piles of glasses are bonded together permanently and they are extremely strong, with a uniformed layer,adding to their ‘non-breakage’ feature. There are interlayers within the glass to provide for extra support and strength.
  • Bullet proof glass – Bullet proof glass also known as bullet-resistant glass or ballistic glass are also extremely strong with optically transparent material and are made mainly of polycarbonate. You will find these in armoured vehicles.
  • Bend glass – You will find bend glass in spiral glass handrails, display units and in shops. And with Sunrise, you can easily install with our expensive tooling costs. They are perfect for cylindrical and complex bends.
  • Fire rated glass – Our fire rated glasses are special laminated glass that can prevent the spread of smoke and flames, thereby adding to the safety of the building.

Sunrise as the best Safety glass Supplier in Muscat

Sunrise is the most trusted safety glass suppliers in Muscat. Our glasses are wind and heat resistant, and they can withstand huge amounts of pressure. They will stay strong and effective even after years of usage, and can offer excellent protection against vandalism. Our safety glass comes in various sizes, shapes, offering the highest quality for both commercial and residential projects. We have a team committed to excellence that would guide you right from the beginning until the final installation, and later, for maintenance and cleaning tips. We can also provide you with advice regarding soundproofing for glass windows and doors.

Applications of Safety Glasses

Safety glasses have a wide variety of applications, and they can be used as doors and windows within commercial and residential projects, and even as table tops, shower doors, shelves, balustrades, Juliet balconies and so on. These safety glasses are highly toughened glasses so they can withstand increased physical and thermal strength. They do not break at all, even under pressure, and in the rare event that they do break, the glass will crumble into small pieces, harmlessly and without damaging anything or anyone. These safety glasses can be used in automotives, as protective glasses for welders and other technicians as well.

 Benefits of buying safety glass from Sunrise

As trusted glass suppliers, we take great precautions in processing our glass products. The glass that we choose is of the highest quality, and in line with the standards specified by the Muscat government. And they go through strict quality checking before each piece is installed in your building.  Get in touch with us if you want high quality glass installed in your building, and advice on how to make it the best investment ever.