What are double glazed glass?

Double glazed doors and windows are in great demand these days, probably because of the high levels of insulation and protection they can provide. If you are planning to do the same for your office or home, we can help you there, one of the most trusted double glazed glass suppliers in Oman.

 It is easy to understand and identify what a double glazed glass system is. You can see a small spacer system between two panes of glass in a double glazed glass system, whereas there will be none in a single glazed system. This additional pane of glass will provide additional protection and makes the glass stronger, and will deter intruders from breaking in. The two layers of glass have a layer of gas sealed between them, and this leads to added protection and security. The glass is really thick, so they withstand great amounts of pressure, heat and moisture. You will see plenty of double glazed system doors and windows almost everywhere these days, thanks to their improved performance. Get your glass partition and doors from one of the best glass fabrication companies in Oman.

Structural glazing

These days you will find skyscrapers everywhere, and almost every city in every major country has ‘sky touching’ skyscrapers, brilliantly reflecting sunlight in their own fine manner. So, what is structural glazing? In structural glazing, you will have panels of reinforced, load-bearing glass and these will be bonded together and held together with the help of silicone adhesive or similar materials. This adhesive has to be really strong, but flexible enough to work in tandem with the structure’s components and still remain strong in spite of temperature fluctuations, wind, heat, vibrations, shrinkage etc. You can install high quality double glazed doors from the most renowned double glazed glass suppliers in Oman.

Buildings with structural glazing can be configured to be visually appealing with architecturally brilliant glass extensions that can be used as part of roofs, glass walls, floors etc. Get in touch with us, the reliable double glazed glass suppliers to know more about structural glazing.

Advantage or Benefits of Double glazed glass

Apart from being visually appealing, double glazed glass has a number of benefits, making them the most obvious and popular choice for roofs, doors and windows. One of the biggest advantages of installing double glazed glass systems is that they provide great levels of protection since it is not easy to break them. And they provide great levels of insulation and protection from heat. The double glazed glass system will provide sufficient protection from the cold winters too. This way you can save on utility bills and still allow natural light to come in. With glass doors and windows, you can add more colour to the building, and make them cheerier and happier. The advanced technology in the double glazed glass system gives you comfortable ambient temperature throughout the year, making indoors much cooler during summer and warmer during cold winters.

Different trends & Innovation in glass fabrication

As one of the best glass fabrication companies in Oman, we focus on sustainability and embracing environment-friendly methods in our glass works installations and for this we follow the latest trends in glass fabrication systems. We integrate long-standing craftsmanship and innovative technology in the glass systems. We install tempered or toughened glass in various thickness and capacities, manufacture bullet-proof glass for banks and financial institutions and glass with remote control features in them, and glasses that can darken when it is very sunny outside.

Additionally, we keep ourselves updated on the latest styles and designs while keeping in mind the functional aspect of the glass installations. Our styles and designs really do make us stand apart from our competitors, and the quality is most certainly one of the best. We can vouch for the durability and strength in each of the glass structures that we have installed in all our projects.

Why to choose Sunrise as best double glazed glass suppliers

Sunrise has always been at the forefront of innovation in double glazed glass systems, structural glazing and laminated glass installations. Our company has trained professionals and we give the assurance of exceptional, erudite services right planning to installation, followed by aftercare and maintenance. Our team of project managers, architects, design specialists and installation workers bring their individual and collective expertise in each project that we undertake, making them unique and special on all counts. We provide advice in technical aspects, design aspects, and will be able to deliver aesthetically appealing, functionally brilliant glass installations. Get in touch with us to know more about how we can transform your interiors, and make excellent glass installations that would add value to your building and make them unique and stunning in every way possible.